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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 05, 2018

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2018


       I.          Meeting called to order by Chair Jerry Olson at 7:00 pm.

     II.          Roll Call: Dave Nelson,  Alex Williams, Mae Wolfe, Jerry Olson, Axel Bogdan, Treasurer Brenda LaValley and Clerk Nicky Thompson.

    III.          Pledge of Allegiance

    IV.          Statement of Public Notice:  Was given and put on file for public record.

      V.          Clerk's Report:

a.      Garbage dropped off by front door of Town Hall.  Name and address on one of the boxes.  Send letter and bill for $75, per the Town Board.

b.      For security, a window will be put in the office door.

    VI.          Approve MinutesMotion to approve Minutes from the May 1, 2018 Town Board Meeting as presented, AB/MW, all in favor.  Motion to approve Board of Review Minutes, MW/AW, all in favor, of those who were present at the BOR, Olson, Williams and Wolfe.

   VII.          Treasurer's Report:  Was given and put on file for public record

  VIII.          Public Comments: Bill Gnatzig, Valley View Drive, Town Hall lawn  had dandelions 1 foot tall on Memorial Day and the flag was not up.  Dandelions should be controlled.  add to July agenda.  Mike Shore, Coulee Trail concerned with neighbor burning lawn debris for days on end from landscaping business.  Shore contacted the County, they referred him back to the Town of Kinnickinnic.  County and Town have no ordinance for the situation. add to July agenda.  Scott Andrzejczak, Coulee Trail, sign down on Sleepy Hollow Road.  Road Committee noted at the Spring Road Review, will be put back up.  Dave Nelson, we paid $40 for deer carcasses to be picked up, who did we pay?  At least 5 on Town Roads.

     IX.          New Business:

a.      65 Vines Winery LLC "Class A" Liquor License renewal, notice May 15th within the Town  and May 23 in the River Falls Journal.  Scott and Julie Andrzejczak 1105 Coulee Trail Roberts WI both for servers permits and winery building: Scott Andrzejczak  is representing 65 Vines Winery LLC.  No concerns expressed by the Town Board or residents.  Motion to renew the Class A Retail License for 65 Vines Winery LLC, AB/AW, all in favor.  Motion to approve renewing the 2 servers licenses for 65 Vines Winery LLC, AB/MW, all in favor.

b.      River Falls Rifle  Club Inc "Class B" Beer License renewal, May 15th within the Town  and May 23 in the River Falls Journal.  Ben Gaus representative 1130 Rifle Range Road River Falls server permits and Club House: Ben Gaus is representing the River Falls Rifle Club, Inc.  No concerns expressed by the Town Board or residents.  Motion to renew the Class B License for the River Falls Rifle Club, Inc, AW/DN, all in favor, AB abstains as he is a member at the RFRC.  All servers licenses are renewals except one, that background check came back clear.  Motion to approve renewing the 9 server licenses for the River Falls Rifle Club, Inc, AW/DN, all in favor, AB abstains.

c.      St Croix County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance:  Olson shared that John Hilgers from St Croix County came to a Special Meeting before the May Plan Commission Meeting to present the County's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.  County is still getting feedback, plans to prepare a draft by September 2018.  Town of Kinnickinnic's Subdivision Ordinance does not fit with of the two zoning options discussed by the County.  It is costly for the Town of Kinnickinnic to do its own zoning.  Plan Commission will make recommendations to the Board regarding the St Croix County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. Bogdan stated the time to act is now, watch for meetings to attend.  Clerk will forward meeting notices on to Town Board and Plan Commission members.

d.      Town expectations of St Croix County Sheriff:  Olson has reached out with no reply, will continue to follow up.  Reason for meeting is to compare what services are provided to the Town by the County vs what services the Town needs and find discrepancies between the two.

e.      Ordinance/Resolution review process:  Nothing at this time.  Olson reminds Board members to bring up any issues they see with current ordinances or an area we may need an ordinance where the is not one currently.

f.       The Current:  Positive comments have been shared regarding the current copy of The Current.  Tom Andersen agreed to stay on as editor of The Current and is working on an article about Town Roads.

g.      Building Maintenance

                                                    i.     Roof estimates: Three estimates were received.  After discussion a motion was made to accept the bid from Blackwolf Exteriors, Inc for about $10,000 to install a new roof on the Town Hall, MW/AW, all in favor.

                                                   ii.     A/C and air exchanger: Motion to accept the proposal from Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc to repair the Town Hall's air conditioner and air exchanger for $466.63, MW/DN, all in favor.

      X.          OLD BUSINESS

a.      Update Emergency Management Plan:  Bogdan working on the Plan and addressed areas that needed updating.  Clerk's info needs to be updated. A motion was made for Bogdan to provide an updated copy of the Emergency Management Plan to the County, DN/MW, all in favor.

b.      Update of Plan Commission:  Two concepts were presented, one is in the ETZ, recommended to go to the City of River Falls.  Second is looking to create 4 lots, this is allowed since a road separates the parcel, making it 2 parcels.

                                                     i.     CBA:  The CBA Negotiating Team met including Attorney Loberg to prepare for a meeting with the City of River Falls.  The group plus Loberg met with the City May 31st.  Next steps include getting feedback from the Dept of Administration and holding a joint meeting with the City and Town.  Williams expressed two concerns: 1. Will be zoned Ag, by City standards 2. Driveway access.  Olson commented that the concerns have been expressed to the City via Attorney Loberg.

c.       Update of the Road Committee:  Wild Parsnips were sprayed today.  Master Gardeners will be using the Town hall June 14th for volunteer training on removing wild parsnip safely by hand.  Road Review was May 2, 2018.  County was given the go ahead to repair potholes due to safety concerns.  A motion was made to approve the list of repairs recommended on the Spring Road Review dated 5/2/2018 with estimated costs of $12, 000, DN/AB, all in favor.  The Road Committee recommends passing on the $18, 000 grant at this time and re-applying in the future. 

                                                     i.     Liberty Road: Guardrail is installed.  Shoulder work to be completed in June.  Once work is done Dave Simons, SEH,  will submit to the State for reimbursement.

    XI.          Pay Bills: Motion to pay the bills as written, DN/AB, all in favor.

  XII.          Chair Announcements: Next Town Board Meeting is Thursday, July 5th at 7:00pm.

 XIII.          Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn at 8:55pm, MW/AB, all in favor.       



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