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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jul 05, 2018

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2018


       I.          Meeting called to order by Chair Jerry Olson at 7:00 pm.

     II.          Roll Call: Dave Nelson,  Alex Williams, Mae Wolfe, Jerry Olson, Treasurer Brenda LaValley and Clerk Nicky Thompson.

    III.          Pledge of Allegiance

    IV.          Statement of Public Notice:  Was given and put on file for public record.

      V.          Clerk's Report: Was given and put on file for public record.

    VI.          Approve MinutesMotion to approve Minutes from the June 5, 2018 Town Board Meeting, as amended, DN/AW, all in favor. 

   VII.          Treasurer's Report:  Was given and put on file for public record

  VIII.          Public Comments: Wolfe met with the River Falls Rural Fire Association, they have a concern about a new driveway in the Town of Kinnickinnic.

     IX.          NEW BUSINESS

a.      Recommendation from the Plan Commission, Certified Survey Map located in the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 15, T28N, R18W, for Gerald Emholtz, prepared by Joseph Granberg:  This has been reviewed a couple times by the Plan Commission without issue.  Motion to approve the CSM as written, MW/DN, all in favor.

b.      372 Old Cemetery Road, culvert: Poeschel's are present to answer questions.  Poeschels are requesting to have the need for a culvert under their driveway be waived.  They currently have a culvert under thier driveway in the middle of their front yard.  There has not been water standing near the end of driveway and the County Engineer reviewed and stated a culvert is not required.  Motion to remove the requirement for a culvert, in the particular case,  at 372 Old Cemetery Road, MW/DN, all in favor.

c.      Getting info to Electors, Tom Andersen: Few people look at the website.  Andersen, editor of The Current,  would like to have more timely issues in The Current, people will not see if we only rely on the website.  Having resident emails could also be useful in the case of an emergency in the Town, would help in getting information out.  The Town could use an email service or use the website.  Offer a sign-up sheet, collect emails from Town residents.  Wolfe commented we could manage the emails in house and suggested sending "attachments" as a link or Word document, no large attachments.  Check with WTA/WEC, can we collect emails at an election.  Motion to move forward with the plan submitted by Tom Andersen (on file) to collect email addresses through elections, if approved by the Elections Commission and tax statements, MW/AW all in favor.

d.      Server License renewal for River Falls Rifle Club:  Two server's license renewal applications for review.  First application for J Bergman, motion to decline alcohol beverage license (server's license), DN/MW, AW abstains, all in favor.  Second application for S Olsen, motion to approve alcohol beverage license (server's license), AW/DN, all in favor.

e.      Lawn Maintenance:  Resident complaints about dandelions at the Town Hall.  Wolfe suggested we do not resume spraying for dandelions; 1. we can't control them in the country 2. it is expensive 3. spray twice a year, keep Kinnickinnic River in mind.  Andersen commented if the lawn is mowed timely, the dandelions would not be a concern.  Other concerns are not mowing enough or mowing too often. Olson suggested we talk to Schneider Lawn Care regarding the Board's concerns and get a new contract.   Possibly mow more often during dandelion season and in the fall more based more on growth than a schedule.

f.       Burning concern, conditional use permit for Coulee Trail:  Neighbor with complaint is not present.  Board is fine with existing Town burning policy.  After review, it appears the resident is in violation of their Conditional Use Permit, County issue. Motion to recommend to the Town resident with burning concern to proceed by issuing a complaint letter the Zoning Office at St Croix County, JO/AW all in favor.

g.      Recommendation from Plan Commission to form committee to investigate Town zoning administration: Plan Commission members are concerned with the future of the Town and the County's new zoning.  The Town Board agrees Town Zoning is a possibility and needs to be looked at, but suggested deferring investigating Town Zoning until we better understand the County's proposal.  LaValley stated Town Zoning has come up at least 4 times in 25 years, money and time are reoccurring issues.  Meeting Minutes will be located from past meetings where Town Zoning was discussed.  Plan Commission's concern is will it be too late to investigate and implement Town Zoning if we wait until County's proposed zoning is set. Motion to look for Minutes when previously discussing County zoning and provide that information to the Town Board and Planning Commission as the first step in township zoning, AW/DN all in favor.

h.      Recommendation from the Plan Commission to form committee to research the St Croix County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance proposal and the impact to the Town's current ordinances: Plan Commission members are concerned with the future of the Town and the County's new zoning.  Williams commented we need to see a draft to see the true differences between current zoning and what is being proposed.  The County wants feedback from the Towns.  Questions, how did the County arrive at the current proposal and what problem will it solve?  What are the benefits to the Towns/County?  Bogdan stated at the Plan Commission meeting that the Town Board should be involved in gathering information, as well as the Plan Commission.  The Town needs to come up to speed with the zoning changes in the County.  Motion to have delegates from the Town Board and Planning Commission to gather information, not make any type of decisions, on new County zoning, DN/AW all in favor.

i.       The Current: None

j.       Ordinance/Resolution: None

k.      Building Maintenance

                                                    i.     Peak Performance Contract with Country Plumbing and Heating: Decline at this time

      X.          OLD BUSINESS

a.      Emergency Management Plan, review County comments: Revisit in August

b.      Update of Plan Commission

                                                     i.     CBA:  Clean copy of the CBA was sent from the City hours before the Jun Plan Commission Meeting. Olson and Bloch reviewed before the meeting and agreed it looked consistent with what the Town asked the City to do.  Pietenpol added that the driveway concerns will hopefully be added as a addendum to the final CBA document.  The Plan Commission will discuss the CBA and hopes to have a recommendation for the Town Board to review in August.  The Town Board was sent a clean copy of the CBA June 21, 2018, with the expectation to have time to analyze and express concerns and issues.  Williams commented land owners changing  zones will need to be notified.

c.       Update of the Road Committee: There was not a quorum at the June Road Committee meeting, no recommendations could  be made, Minutes could not  be approved.

                                                     i.     Liberty Road:  Work is complete.  Dave Simons, SEH, plans to send the reimbursement request to the State 7/6/2018.

    XI.          Pay Bills: Motion to pay the bills as written, DN/MW, all in favor.

  XII.          Chair Announcements: Next Town Board Meeting is Tuesday, August 7th at 7:00pm.

 XIII.          Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn at 9:15pm, MW/AW, all in favor.      




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