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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Aug 07, 2018

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2018


       I.          Meeting called to order by Chair Jerry Olson at 7:00 pm.

     II.          Roll Call: Dave Nelson,  Alex Williams, Mae Wolfe, Jerry Olson, Axel Bogdan (7:11pm), Treasurer Brenda LaValley and Clerk Nicky Thompson.

    III.          Pledge of Allegiance

    IV.          Statement of Public Notice:  Was given and put on file for public record.

      V.          Clerk's Report: Was given and put on file for public record.

    VI.          Approve MinutesMotion to approve Minutes from the July 5, 2018 Town Board Meeting, as written, MW/DN, all in favor. 

   VII.          Treasurer's Report:  Was given and put on file for public record.  Liberty Road reimbursement was received, Treasurer will pay off and close account the Bremer Bank.

  VIII.          Public Comments: None

     IX.          NEW BUSINESS

a.      Recommendation from the Plan Commission: Sue Williams, change zoning to Ag-2:  Sue Williams is present to answer any questions regarding he request.  Olson stated the Plan Commission reviewed this request and had no objections.  Nelson asked if there is any concern with erosion, Williams stated the DNR was satisfied.  Wolfe suggested checking with Mike Moody at the Fire Department to make sure they have no concerns, family use vs commercial.  Motion to approve recommending the Williams barn to change to Ag 2 zoning, DN/AW, all in favor.

b.      Recommendation from the Plan Commission: CBA:  A copy of the CBA was forwarded to the Town Board in June to review.  The Plan Commission made a motion at the July 18, 2018 meeting to "forward the CBA, as the best plan we could put together with the City of River Falls, to the Town Board to review and move forward with the process."  The next step is approving to move forward to hold a Public Hearing in both the Town and City.  Nelson had concerns with the height restrictions in Section 4.2.3.  Williams had several concerns, see attached document.  Gordon Awsumb, Plan Commission Chair, commented when he took his position 2 years he met with Alex and Jerry Williams to hear their concerns with the CBA, unfortunately the State designated that Cities can create ETZs.  People inside the ETZ and people outside the ETZ's interests conflict each other.  Awsumb stated he felt the CBA forwarded on the Town Board was the best deal that could be negotiated.  It was clarified that the "redline" area used to include 1900 acres and is now 1500.  Olson said the next step would be asking to hear from the people from the Town of Kinnickinnic and the City of River Falls to receive more feedback and input in the form of a Public Hearing(s).  In reference to the family exception portion of the agreement, Jerry Williams asked if the Town would fight for the property owner if the City went against the agreement, answer, yes, if the City was not following the agreed to CBA.  Motion to move the draft of the CBA forward to a Public Hearing, AB/MW, oppose DN/AW, motions passes 3/2.  Motion to have the Plan Commission give their opinion and make a recommendation whether or not the Town Board should approve the CBA, AW/DN, oppose AB, abstain JO, motion passes 3/2.


c.      Notice from River Falls Rural Fire Assoc of inaccessible driveway on Chapman Drive:  A letter was sent to the Building Inspector, no response.  Wolfe pointed out the numbers were mixed in the letter, a corrected letter will be sent.  Has the RF Fire Dept contacted property owner?  Road and Driveway Ordinance Section 19 references driveway standards.

d.      Approval for road project expenditures:  Dave Simons with SEH has requested bids for Crack Sealing and Seal Coating in the Town of Kinnickinnic due to him, in New Richmond, August 9, 2018.  The Road Committee is asking the Town Board to approve up to a certain amount to ensure work could start in August, rather than wait for the September meeting for approval.  Nelson commented that he feels approving a dollar amount in public record could affect bids and suggested holding a special meeting after the bids are received for the Town Board to approve a dollar amount.  Others were less concerns with bids due in less than 2 days.  Williams prefers a special meeting after the bids have been opened.  Motion to authorize Road Committee up to $170,000 to begin Crack Sealing and Seal Coating, MW/AB, oppose DN/AW, motion passes 3/2.

e.      Fire number status:  Town pays $50 per fire number for fire contract.  Possible unnecessary fire numbers in the Town.  If a Board member (or resident) notices a fire number where there is no buildings/structures, notify the Clerk and Clerk will report to the County to update their records.  Clerk will continue to obtain records of houses removed from the Town each year from the Town Assessor.

f.       St Croix County Bicycle Route Pilot Project:  Bike Route signs were taken down on Liberty Road for the construction of the new road and approved to not be put back up.  Signs imply the roads are "suitable" for bicycles.  Motion to deny approval for the new bike route signs and approve removal of the old bike route signs, DN/AB, all in favor.

g.      Building Inspector:  Review contract and organize letters sent, put back on September agenda.

h.      Highway Department deer removal:  The Town paid $61 to the County Highway Department in January 2018 for the removal of deer carcasses.  If a dead deer is on a town road contact the County's Non-emergency.

i.       Budget Meeting, set date: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:00pm.

j.       The Current: None

k.      Ordinance Review: None

l.       Building Maintenance: Nelson brought up that the landscaping needs to be trimmed, etc.  Added to the September agenda.

      X.          OLD BUSINESS

a.      Emergency Management Plan:  Bogdan updated names, numbers, addresses, etc.  The Emergency Management manager for the County reviewed and said it looked good.  She suggested a tabletop exercise be help, she will help coordinate after her return in September.  Motion to sign and approve the Emergency Management Plan as updated, AW/DN, all in favor.

b.      Update of Plan Commission:  At the July 18, 2018 Plan Commission meeting it was agreed upon the send  Awsumb and Williams to meet with the County to obtain more information about the County's proposed zoning changes.  Williams stated that he felt the biggest change was to the number of animals allowed.  The County is just beginning to draft the new zoning, is looking for feedback from Towns.  The Town needs to stay active in the process.

c.       Update of the Road Committee:  Approval to start on road projects, fall parsnip treatment.  Looking for feedback from the volunteers who assisted with the removal of wild parsnip.  Will the volunteers do another survey of wild parsnip on the Town Roads?  County did a trial on wild parsnip spraying, what were the results?

                                                     i.     Liberty Road:  Reimbursement check received late July.

    XI.          Pay Bills: Motion to pay the bills as written, with amount filled in for RCU of $79.20, AB/DN, all in favor.

  XII.          Chair Announcements: Next Town Board Meeting is Tuesday, September 4th at 7:00pm.

 XIII.          Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn at 9:28pm, MW/AB, all in favor.


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