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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 02, 2018

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2018


       I.          Meeting called to order by Chair Jerry Olson at 7:00 pm.

     II.          Roll Call: Dave Nelson,  Alex Williams, Mae Wolfe, Jerry Olson, Axel Bogdan, Treasurer Brenda LaValley and Clerk Nicky Thompson.

    III.          Pledge of Allegiance

    IV.          Statement of Public Notice:  Was given and put on file for public record.

      V.          Clerk's Report: Was given and put on file for public record.

    VI.          Approve MinutesMotion to approve Minutes from the September 4, 2018 Town Board Meeting, DN/MW, all in favor.  Motion to approve Minutes from the September 13, 2018 Budget Meeting, AW/MW, all in favor, AB abstains. 

   VII.          Treasurer's Report:  Was given and put on file for public record.

  VIII.          Public Comments:  None

     IX.          NEW BUSINESS

a.      From the Plan Commission: CSM for Paul and Leann Hanson, 26 Saddle Club Road, create 1 new lot:  The CSM has been sent back to the Plan Commission after Nelson expressed concerns about the driveway slope and potential for washing at the September 4, 2018 Town Board Meeting.  Larry Murphy, surveyor, is present to answer questions.  Murphy handed out a new CSM, showing the greatest slope on the current field driveway is 6%.  Motion to approve recommending the CSM, as presented, to the County, AB/AW, DN opposed, motion passes.  Nelson stated he is concerned with the driveway washing in the future, causing potential issues for the owner and or Town.

b.      Sheriff Department: Deputy Jeff Klatt is present from the Sheriff's Office to answer questions and concerns.  What services does the Sheriff provide to the Town? Traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, first responder are the major services.  The Town of Troy contracts with the Sheriff's Department to patrol certain roads in their township.  The Towns of Somerset and Hudson also contract with the Sheriff's Department for different purposes.  Regarding complaints of excessive shooting and fireworks the County follows Wisconsin State Law.  Deputy Klatt recommended talking with the Town of Troy Chair Dan Pierson to get more information about supplementing Sheriff services, their experience and feedback.

c.      Natasha Cardinal, St Croix County Emergency Management Manager, preparation for table top exercise:  Ms Cardinal reviewed the Town of Kinnickinnic's Emergency Management Plan, it is pretty standard, looks good.  Cardinal suggests holding a tabletop exercise to practice for a potential emergency in the Town.  "A tabletop exercise simulates an emergency situation in an informal, stress-free environment."  She recommends that law enforcement, fire and EMS participate in the tabletop exercise.  3 requirements are necessary for the tabletop exercise: 1. 30 day notification 2. 1-2 planning meetings 3. Actual exercise.  Bogdan will be the main contact with Cardinal, they will talk and begin to plan the tabletop exercise for the Town.

d.      Permit fee refund, 387 Liberty Road:  This item was brought up at the September meeting, was not an agenda item.  Two questions: 1. whether to refund or not 2. if refund, how much.  Olson commented if the Town decides to give out refunds there should  be a policy, not a template, case-by-case basis.  Bogdan stated there should be guidance when reviewing case-by-case.  Since no construction was started, the Construction Bond, $500, will be refunded to Dave Galetka.  Motion to refund Dave Galetka $900, MW/AW, AB opposes, motion passes.

e.      Presentation of proposed budget:  Motion to recommend the proposed budget to the Town and authorize Clerk to adjust Highway State Aid and General Road Maintenance when numbers are received from the State, DN/AW, all in favor.

f.       Set date for Public Hearing and Elector's Meeting: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 7:00pm.

g.      Building Inspector:  Brian Wert is present to answer questions and concerns.  Wert explained the steps he takes when someone is in permit violation, but stated he does not have the authority to write a citation.  Citation books can be acquired at the Clerk of Courts and a ordinance listing a fee schedule for violations must be filed.  Wert stated if the person does not rectify the violation it can be submitted to the State, but the State is not known to follow up.  Currently Wert has the ability to double the permit fee and add 20% and add to the Tax Roll for permit violators.  The thought is citations should be issued by the Town Attorney, Olson will contact Mr Loberg.  Wert was asked when he inspects driveways after issuing a permit; driveway inspections are generally done with the final inspection on the house is done.  Some people put in temp driveway/culvert until building is complete.  Wert explained that the driveway on Chapman Drive is not complete, plan has been to excavate to lessen the slope.  Wert encouraged the Town Board to call him with questions and concerns.  Any Board member who talks with Wert was asked to be added to the agenda and bring information back to the rest of the Board.

                                                    i.     Contract: Clerk will update, will be on November agenda.

                                                   ii.     Search: Only received one, will be on November agenda.

h.      Road Committee and Plan Commission pay:  Plan Commission and Road Committee members should be paid for meeting attendance automatically and not left up to their discretion. Their work is necessary and appreciated.  Motion to set the honorarium for the Plan Commission to $25.00 per person per attended meeting  payable once per year, AB/AW, all in favor.  Motion to set the honorarium for the Road Committee to $25.00 per person per attended meeting  payable once per year, DN/AB, all in favor.

i.       Addendum to Fee Schedule: Motion to amend Fee Schedule to include in the Permits section: "Refunds. Amount paid less Plan Review fee or actual costs, whichever is greater. No refund given after work on project has started or after 180 days of date of permit issuance.", AB/MW, all in favor.

j.       The Current: None

k.      Ordinance Review, discussion and action.

                                                    i.     Transmission Line requirements, siting and easements: Keep process as is.

l.       Building Maintenance, discussion and action.

                                                    i.     Lawn Care parameters:  When is the contract up for re-newel?  Talk to Schneider about dandelion control via mowing.

                                                   ii.     Landscaping: Talk to nurseries over the winter about possibly landscaping around the Town Hall, by the recycling area and the ball field.  Decide, possibly create a sub-committee, what to do with the ball field area.

      X.          OLD BUSINESS

a.      Update of Plan Commission: Joint Public Hearing of the CBA between the City of River Falls and Town of Kinnickinnic will be held Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 6:30pm at the River Falls Public Library, Lower Level.  Olson has asked Pietenpol and or Bloch to prepare a presentation.  Olson and City Mayor will give a brief introduction at the hearing.  It was suggested that a stenographer be hired to take minutes at the Public Hearing.

b.      Update of the Road Committee: 3 of 4 residents came to the Road Committee Meeting, interested in the Town taking over their private road.  The Town's policy is to adopt roads only after the road is brought up to Town road standards.  The Road Committee is looking at potential road projects for the next couple years, this includes looking at grants and the considering the possibility of needing a loan.  The current plan for next year, wild parsnip control, is to spot spray on a the Town roads.  The County will be doing a full-width mowing of the ditches in October.  Bill Gnatzig commented the Fall Road Review is currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 10th at 8am, with the ditches not yet mowed, he suggested moving the Fall Road Review to the back-up date of Wednesday, October 17th at 8am, all agreed, the Road Committee will be notified of the change.

c.       St Croix County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, discussion and action.

    XI.          Pay Bills: Motion to pay the bills as presented, MW/AB, all in favor.

  XII.          Chair Announcements: Next Town Board Meeting with Public Hearing and Elector's Meeting prior is Tuesday, November 8th at 7:00pm.

 XIII.          Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn at 10:03pm, MW/AB, all in favor.


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