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Town Board Meeting
Oct 02, 2018

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting

October 2, 2018


A Regular  Meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Kinnickinnic will meet

Tuesday,  October 2, 2018  at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, 1271 County Road J River Falls.*



                       I.          Call to Order

                     II.          Roll Call

                    III.          Pledge of Allegiance

                   IV.          Statement of Public Notice

                     V.          Clerk's Report

                   VI.          Approve Minutes

                  VII.          Treasurer's Report

                 VIII.          Public Comments

                    IX.          New Business

a.      From the Plan Commission: CSM for Paul and Leann Hanson, 26 Saddle Club Road, create 1 new lot, discussion and action.

b.      Sheriff Department,  discussion and action.

c.      Natasha Cardinal, St Croix County Emergency Management Manager, preparation for table top exercise, discussion and action.

d.      Permit fee refund, 387 Liberty Road, discussion and action.

e.      Presentation of proposed budget, discussion and action.

f.       Set date for Public Hearing and Elector's Meeting, discussion and action.

g.      Building Inspector, discussion and action.

                                                                        i.     Contract

                                                                       ii.     Search

h.      Road Committee and Plan Commission pay, discussion and action.

i.       Addendum to Fee Schedule, discussion and action.

j.       The Current, discussion and action.

k.      Ordinance Review, discussion and action.

                                                                        i.     Transmission Line requirements, siting and easements

l.       Building Maintenance, discussion and action.

                                                                        i.     Lawn Care parameters

                                                                       ii.     Landscaping

                     X.          Old Business

a.      Update of Plan Commission, discussion and action.

b.      Update of the Road Committee, discussion and action.

c.       St Croix County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, discussion and action.

                    XI.          Pay Bills

                  XII.          Chair Announcements** Next Town Board Meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2018 7:00pm

                 XIII.          Adjourn

Nicky Thompson, Clerk

This agenda is subject to change.  The posted agenda at the Town Hall is the primary notice.


    *Town Hall is handicapped accessible

**This topic is to be limited to such items as establishing the next meeting date, items for the next agenda, and reminders of scheduled events.

***The Board may take action on any of the above agenda items, committee and commission members may attend for information gathering purpose, should a quorum appear, an agenda item will be subject for approval at a future TB meeting. 

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