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Road Committee Meeting
Oct 21, 2015


 Town of Kinnickinnic

Road Committee Meeting

October 21, 2015

Jerry Olson called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. The following people were in attendance: Jerry Olson, Dan Bauer, Roger Van Beek, and Bob LaValley. Due to a scheduling conflict, Dave Simons arrived at 4:45 pm.

Recycling Center Trash Dumpster / Fence

Given the quantity of roadside debris in recent years, there was a suggestion that the Town construct a fenced area in the Recycling Center that could contain a roll off for purpose of depositing roadside debris. There was concern that this could become an open invitation for afterhours dumping at the gate. As an alternative, it was mentioned that firms like Waste Management in River Falls will accept the debris at their location if the Town has an account with them, and then will bill the Town. It was agreed that this is a more practical and less problematic approach to dealing with the debris.

The Recycling Center site was reviewed by the Road Committee after the meeting and it was determined that the grass is becoming established. The Committee agreed that the final retainage can be released to the contractor as soon as the final punch list is completed.

Road Review Results

Simons reviewed the results of the Road Review which was completed on September 30, 2015 (see attached summary). The roads are generally in good condition as a result of the Town’s proactive approach to maintenance.

The prairie that is growing on the south shoulder of Sleepy Hollow was discussed. It was agreed that the right of way is owned by the Town, and is the Town’s responsibility for maintenance. It was suggested that a letter be sent to the owner stating that the shoulder and side slope will be mowed next year.

The next steps for Liberty Road were discussed. Based on feedback from residents at the October 6, 2015 Town Board meeting, the Road Committee directed Simons to have the new alignment staked yet this fall. It was suggested that both the new centerline and the new right-of-way line be staked, with different colored flags. This would allow the residents to better visualize the proposed alignment.

Status of Road Maintenance Items

Simons stated that the County crews have completed all of the road and ditch maintenance items that were on their spring list, with the exception of the bridge maintenance, which they plan to do this fall. Since the last Road Committee meeting, the inside curve of Quarry Road and the SW corner of Town Hall Road and North Liberty Road have been repaired with bituminous millings. All of the bituminous patching and shouldering work that was identified on the Road Review is not urgent, and will be addressed with next year’s work.

Flooding and Drainage

Ponderosa/Ha-Lo Erosion Repair: Simons reported that there had been no updates since the last Road Committee meeting from Kyle Kulow at St. Croix County regarding the progress of the erosion repair west of Ponderosa at Ha-Lo. The County plans to install a 30” diameter pipe from the west end of the existing culvert down to the bottom of the wash out, and then cover the pipe with soil and stabilize the surface with seed and erosion mat. The County’s current estimate for the project is approximately $12,500, although the County has not taken any bids yet. The project is eligible for 70% County funding (approximately $8,750), leaving the Town’s share at 30% (approximately $3,750). The County plans to discuss the project design with the land owner soon, and then solicit several quotes from local contractors to determine the actual cost. The County plans to have the work done this fall.

Coulee Trail Culvert: This was the culvert that looked on the south like there may have been 2 culverts, one on top of the other. However, when the County replaced it, they discovered it was one culvert that had separated into 2 pieces. The bottom was rusted through. They replaced it with 64' of 24" pipe, with flared end sections.

Chapman Drive: On Chapman Drive near the top of the hill (near those tractor ahead signs) there is a box culvert where one of the joints has separated, and the road shoulder above the culvert is washing into the culvert, causing a settlement hole on the shoulder of the road. It is close enough to the pavement to be a safety issue, so the County is proposing to fix it by excavating around the separated joint, bolting steel plating to the outside of the culvert to cover the gap, then backfilling and compacting with aggregate base, and then patching the bituminous pavement.

Valley View Drive: There is a washout on the north side of the bridge that the County is filling as a temporary measure until the double culvert can be evaluated next spring. The County says the culverts are rusted through and need to be replaced. The County’s estimate is approximately $30,000, with $15,000 being a Town cost and $15,000 being a County cost share. If this moves ahead, it will be a 2016 project.

Set Date for Next Road Committee Meeting

The next Road Committee meeting will be on November 18, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Agenda items will include: Road Maintenance, Culvert and Drainage Projects, Recycling Center Update, and Liberty Road.

Motion to adjourn by Van Beek, seconded by Olson, passed unanimously. Adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

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