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Town Board Minutes
Sep 05, 2017

Town of Kinnickinnic

Town Board Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2017


       I.          Meeting called to order by Chair Jerry Olson at 7:00 pm.

     II.          Roll Call: Dave Nelson, Tom Andersen, Mae Wolfe, Jerry Olson, Axel Bogdan and Clerk Nicky Thompson.

    III.          Pledge of Allegiance.

    IV.          Statement of Public Notice was given and put on file for public record.

      V.          Clerk's Report

a.      Fall Town & Village Workshops: Motion to approve clerk to attend WTA workshop MW/DN, all in favor

b.      Ambulance Draft Contract:  Note it is a 3 year contract.  How were the %s calculated? 

    VI.          Approve Minutes: Motion to approve the Town Board Minutes from August 1, 2017 as presented AB/TA, all in favor, DN abstain.

   VII.          Treasure's Report: Put on file for public record.

  VIII.          Public Comments:  Margaret Smith, 238 Liberty Road on behalf of the Master Gardeners.  About 6 volunteers from the group logged about 150 hours mapping wild parsnip on the Town roads.  Smith figured the final map for the Town to view will be available by October.  Olson asked her to attend a Road Committee Meeting to share her findings.  Tovah Flygare, 1170 River Drive commented that mowing is effective for treating wild parsnip.  Her neighborhood has concerns about spraying to treat wild parsnip.  Lavonne Middleton, 481 Sleepy Hollow Road is concerned with herbicides in the water and killing native plants.  Lynda Meyers, Monument Road suggested finding alternatives to spraying for wild parsnip. Bob Stolp, 159 Ponderosa Road commented that mowing in his ditch is not an option.  Olson clarified it was never the intent of the Town to "blanket" spray the Town ditches.

     IX.          New Business

a.      Randy and Jana Feyereisen, access driveway on Coulee Trail:  Proposed access driveway did not meet driveway requirements, Feyereisen is requesting a waiver to permit the driveway.  Proposed driveway 66' from driveway to west and 90' from driveway to east.  Current requirement is 200' from other driveways.  Olson explained there is a safety concern of driveways too close together and affects character of the area when driveways are one right after another. Neighbor, Mike Shore was present to learn more about situation.  It was recommended that Feyereisen bring this concept before the Plan Commission for their technical knowledge and input. A motion was made to not approve the proposed access driveway and send to the Plan Commission for their input, DN/TA, all in favor.

b.      Mike Rodewald, River Falls Sportsman Club Operator's License renewal: Motion to approve an Operator's License for Michael Rodewald, TA/DN, all in favor.

c.      Bremer Bank closing:  Town is taking a loan with Bremer Bank to cover  1/2 2017 Liberty Road Project while waiting to receive grant money from the state.  Olson and Thompson signed loan papers, LaValley will sign asap.

d.      Review bids for lawn care and snow removal:  After some discussion a motion was made to accept the bid submitted by Schneider Lawn Care for lawn care and snow removal dated August 15, 2017 with the sidewalks added to snow removal, TA/AB, DN opposes, motion carries.

e.      Roadside Maintenance Ordinance amendments: Major change the ordinance was removal the need for property owner permission for tree removal and herbicide use in the right of way.  It is the Town's responsibility to maintain the right of way.  After discussion there was a motion to remove Section 5.3 and re-number Section 5 accordingly, MW/AB, all in favor.  Another motion was made to approve Ordinance No. 2017-1 Roadside Maintenance as re-written, AB/TA, all in favor.  A motion to allow Jerry Olson to sign the updated Ordinance No. 2017-1 without the Board reconvening was approved, MW/AB, all in favor.  A motion to rescind Ordinance No. 2008-2 and be replaced by Ordinance 2017-1, TA/AB, all in favor.

f.       Budget Meeting: Set for Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 6:30pm.  Clerk will post in the River Falls Journal, at the Town Hall and on the website.

g.      Upgrade Town Website, Andersen and Wolfe research results:  Andersen suggested getting the website cleaned up, but not upgrading at this time.  A motion was made to not upgrade the Town website at this time, TA/MW, all in favor.

h.      Expectations of Sheriff's Department: Andersen read his list of expectations and was asked to make a couple changes/additions and bring back to present in October.  The next step will be decided in October.

i.       The Current: Nothing to report at this time.

j.       Ordinance Review: Motion to rescind 1972 Ordinance Trailers, TA/AB, all in favor.  Motion to rescind 1972 Ordinance Amendments to Zoning Ordinance, TA/AB, all in favor.  Motion to rescind 1976 Ordinance Major Subdivisions, AB/DN, all in favor.  Motion to rescind 1987 Ordinance Minimum Acreage for Building Purposes, AB/MW, all in favor.  A list was made of Ordinances to Board would like to review/amend more in October: 1989 Ordinance Section 11, 2007-3, 2001-3, 2004-1, 2010-1A, 2016-1 Fee Schedule.  Motion to rescind 2011-1 Ordinance Park Board, TA/AB, all in favor.  A list was made of items to be removed from the Ordinance tab on the Town website and be filed: 2012-1, 2014-2, 2016-1 (Mobile Homes), 2013-5, dog licenses and CBA.  Check on Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance 2015 vs 2013.

k.      Census: Move forward with Mary Murphy completing the Census.

l.       Building Maintenance: Bogdan noted there is siding off the west side of Town Hall, call to repair.

                                                    i.     "Under Surveillance" sign for dumpster, recycling area: more discussion in October.

      X.          Old Business

a.      Update of Plan Commission

                                                     i.     CBA:  City of River Falls gave the Town an updated draft of the CBA.  City had taken out key components: "permanent boundary" and "perpetual agreement."  CBA Negotiating Team met with the City August 24th, City verbally added key points back in and is going to have attorney review again.  There will be another meeting in September.  Town attorney will review CBA before it goes to Public Hearing.

b.      Update of the Road Committee

                                                     i.     Liberty Road: On schedule, 1 coat black top done, 2nd coat will be done early September.  Margaret Smith, 238 Liberty Road asked about vegetation.  Olson stated there is erosion control in place and grass will be planted.  Mike Rodewald clarified that seed is done last on road projects.  Tom Brown, 1108 Rifle Range Road asked about speed limit and guardrails.  Speed Limit will be 45 mph, 40 mph at curves and no guardrails are planned at this time.

                                                   ii.     Roadside Maintenance: discussed above.

    XI.          Pay Bills:  A motion was made to pay bills,  MW/TA, all in favor. 

  XII.          Chair Announcements: Next Town Board Meeting is Tuesday, October 3rd at 7:00pm. Budget Meeting is Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30pm.

 XIII.          Adjourn 9:50pm AB/TA, all in favor.


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